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VoterListsOnline Features

Aristotle's Nationwide Voter File
Is enhanced with a full suite of enhancements including phones and census data as well as a variety of other demographic data points. Details are available for each state once you logon.

Our voter lists are the most comprehensive available. Compared to leading competitors, VoterListsOnline provides better lists, faster and less costly than anywhere else. Data is collected at the state, county, and municipal level across the country, and integrated and enhanced by some of the finest data experts and political consultants around.

Searching our voter lists
Unlike other voter list providers, VoterListsOnline enhances available data with literally dozens of additional demographic, political, and vote history fields. If you need high-income homeowners who have given to a religious charity, for example, no problem. We maintain a vote history record going back nearly twenty years in some places.

All your Counts are Free! Unlike other leading voter data providers, counts are free through VoterListsOnline. We know that time and money are two commodities in high demand on campaigns, and we won't waste either.

Output Options include:

  • Five different types of electronic files
  • Three different paper output options
  • Specialty Output: Both Random and Clustered Samples

Voterlistsonline.com is online and available 24/7/365

Our Technical Support Team is available to help our users both via our Technical Support Callback Phone Service at 888-217-9600 and via email at vlosupport@aristotle.com .

Aristotle offers Bulk Purchase Options
For high-volume users, we offer discounts for major purchases. Please contact your sales representative at 800-296-2747 for details.

Voterlistsonline Affiliate Program
Post a VoterListsOnline banner ad on your website and start earning money today!

Earn commissions on customers who register at Voterlistsonline via the link on your site. Please contact your sales representative at 800-296-2747 for details and enrollment information .

DNC option
Our voter lists are enhanced to include the new do not call list registrants. While political calls are generally exempted from the Do Not Call list, you now have the option of excluding them from your contact programs if desired.

'List is everything.'...
And because list is everything, my company has always depended on Aristotle to provide the utmost in quality voter lists....

VoterListsOnline.com is the best thing that has happened to my world in a long time, because political consultants don't just work Monday through Friday...

Liz Welsh
Executive Communications, Inc.


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