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Aristotle's Cell Phone Scrub

If you are a campaign or political committee engaged in robo-calls** from your or your volunteers' computers, or from your vendor, you are potentially liable for a fine of $16,000 for placing any such call to a cell phone, pager, or other mobile device. The FCC has made it clear that starting immediately, political organizations are not exempt. After careful legal review, Aristotle has implemented a Safe Harbor Protocol that will protect you from FCC fines for placing such calls if you utilize a scrubbed voter list obtained from www.voterlistsonline.com within 10 days of downloading it.

If you have your own lists or acquired a list from another vendor, we can make the same Safe Harbor available for that list as well. Just have us scrub it for you and you will be able to use it under the Safe Harbor Protocol.

We at Aristotle are committed to your success. To make sure that the FCC rule against robo-calls to cell/mobile devices does not undermine your campaign, Aristotle's Safe Harbor Protocol comes with a guarantee that you will have the correct information from us to be free from FCC fines for placing any such robo-call.

**The FCC defines these calls as "Prerecorded voice messages and autodialed calls (including autodialed live calls, prerecorded or artificial voice messages, and text messages)".

Run an analysis on your cell phone list for FREE.

Calculate how many prohibited cell phones are on your list. There is No Charge for this analysis.

If, after we provide the free instant analysis of your list, you then wish to use Aristotle to remove cell phones from your list, that service is available for an additional fee of $250 minimum and/or $3 per thousand records scrubbed.

Note: To ensure an exact match on data, please use a .CSV file when uploading your data.